Beeing frustrated of Javas functionalities for an easy to use web development, especially for quick prototyping and small projects I created Jaiwls (pronounce it like jails). This acronym stands for Java In Web Looks Seedy, and its meaning is very ambigous, so try it out and see what it could mean ;-).

In contrast to any other frameworks being out there you need no additional web server, only one line of code is enough to run it. Be warned, this is not a framework which makes you happy in each situation as a usual Java-programmer will mention now, but I claim that this is enough for 95% of use cases, but for this 95% there will be nothing more efficient for plain Java (but let me know if you find something).

The framework is yet in an alpha-phase, which means many features can still be added or removed. There is no guarantee of functionality, if this software damages your data or does something else you didn't expect, you can't take me, the author (Torben Schinke) into account.

At the moment it uses Java-servlet technology at its core and the small jetty-server as Webserver. It supports static compiled java-classes which represents your webapplication or you can also use the dynamic driven mode using the scripting language Groovy.

The heart of the efficiency is the component-library, so you don't need to write one single line of html, you just put some easy to use component on it and that's it.

You can check out the source from svn svn://neotos.de/jaiwls anonymous. Note that also examples are included. Example one is only a hello world example. Study best practices with Jaiwls framework by examination of example two, which will be a simple but very robust generic content-manager in the future.


The projects origin was a weekend hack, a proof-of-concept just for fun you can say. But as I see that this works quite stable, I integrated this into another project at university called OLIVANDA. There it manages the java-server and gives a small but mighty and nice looking userinterface for controlling.

A few months later I'm now ready to present you a fully redesigned framework. Please note that the proof-of-concept code will be not available because of many security and fundamental leaks and bugs.


  • Widgets to create complex html structures
  • Easy to integrate in existing applications
  • Dynamic websites using Groovy
  • Runtime injectable singelton instance
  • Well formated stacktraces
  • Embedded Webserver
  • Low memory footprint for compiled projects
  • Powerful URL rewrites possible
  • and much more...


This source itself is under Apache2 License which is fully compatible with GPL v3. Take a look into the libraries if there are also other licenses, but in general they are all free in the one or in the other way.


There are also some tutorials available:


[29. October 2008]
Release of the first alpha version 0.01. No dynamic compilation features yet, but quite stable for static purposes. Also there are some code-snippets for easy webdav support and a lucene based object-storage.

[25. March 2009]
Release of the second alpha version 0.02. This version includes the dynamic scripting possibilities of Groovy. Also includes some minor fixes.

[11. Mai 2009]
Release of the third apha version 0.03. Some minor API changes in WebContext and WebApplication. Some bugfixes.

Have fun

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